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Beverage&Food, Vacation, Entertainment and Shopping All the Discounts in One-Station


Recommend B&F, Vacation and Entertainment Services nearby through Location Based Service.

【Quick Search】

Quick search for needed merchants and products.

【Social Networks】

Meet like-minded people and share your life with this world.


Offer users an efficient and convenient online-shopping experience.

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【Recommended Products】

Make the best choice for you!choice for you!choice for you!

【Quick Buy】

No cash, no bother, safe and fast!

【Huge Discount】

Cash Discount, Group Buying and Quick Buy, less pay and more fun!

【Efficient Interaction】

Talk with friends or other users on Passfeed and get more reliable reviews.

About Passfeed

Passfeed based on location and interests as core. To Provide related information of catering, shopping, entertainment, lifestyle etc. All in one’s localization app of Eat, Drink and Fun. Users register by real personal information and receive the latest local entertainment information. Also, expand their social network. Users can receive news and discount and also share the status anytime and anywhere. In Passfeed, user can easily to find out the nearby cafe, restaurant, bar and hotel etc.

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