Online Payment and Checkout Technology

All the commercial banking and payments services you need, made convenient and in real time, can be found in the palm of your hand with PassPay.

  • Payment Gateway
  • PassPay Card
  • Instant Money Transfer
  • Automated Accounting
  • Foreign Currency Exchange
  • Premium Support
Online Payment Checkout Online Payment Checkout
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Send & Receive Payments

PassPay reinvents typical payment processing means through high speed instant money transfers with little to no fees and receipt of funds in a fast and secure way suitable to your needs. Designed for all industry types, businesses who have received funds into their PassPay wallet can send and receive payment from suppliers, contractors, and business partners.

  • Cash Withdrawal
  • Pay Your Partners
  • Request a Payment
  • Funds Management
  • Simple to Use Dashboard
  • 24/7 Support
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Local Currency Accounts

Along with premium support, merchants are able to transfer and receive funds for accounts in several different currencies with reduced payment fees.

  • Personalized Assistance
  • Low Exchange Fees
  • Currency Exchange Accuracy
  • KYC and AML Compliance
Online Payment Checkout Online Payment Checkout
Online Payment Checkout Online Payment Checkout
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PassPay Card

With the options to use at any approved ATM, store, or online, the PassPay card connects to your PassPay account with any currency of your choice.

  • Flexible Funds
  • Build Your Credit
  • Virtual Card Benefits
  • Rewards You Can Control
  • Cash Withdraw
  • Multiple Card Types
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Comprehensive Solutions to Suit Your Needs

We have recreated some of the most critical functions of the banking industry. Made to make banking, payments, and financial services simpler and integrated into one easy to use platform, we bridge innovation gaps for all business and customer needs.

Currency Exchange Accounts

Create bank accounts in the US, Canada, Europe, UK, Australia, or Japan and get paid in any currency.

PassPay Card

A PassPay card is a physical or virtual card you can associate with any currency in your PassPay account.

Custom Checkout

Build a custom, branded checkout page in a matter of minutes and start accepting payments instantly.

Free Funds Transfers

Using advance real time EBS, quickly receive ACH or wire transfers to pay contractors, vendors, suppliers, and service providers.

Instant Payments

Instantly send and receive payments from vendors, customers, and third-party marketplace channels all-in-one place.

CryptoCurrency Accounts

Support real-time cryptocurrency exchange from any currency to Darcrus (DAR). Safe and secure storage and management.


Seamless Integrations

Integrate with Passfeed via API and simple plugins.
Available with major checkout, e-commerce, and accounting platforms.

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