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Volcanergy Electric Oven Rotating Barbecue Meat Shashlik Roaster Grill Machine

$145.98 $173.79

Specifications: Electrical version. Large view glass door, makes you enjoy the fantastic cooking. Four open style glass doors, which make it easy and convenient to cook food. ..

Sink sponge holder with suction cups

$0.62 $0.87

Keep the sink area tidy with this handy sponge holder. Suction it to the side of the sink with the attached suction cups and use it to hold sponges. Measures 6 1/2" x 2 1/2"...

Faucet nozzle

$0.59 $1.02

Give your standard kitchen or bathroom faucet a bit of makeover with this faucet nozzle. Allows you to spray the sink while cleaning or doing dishes. Measures 3" overall and a..

Sink strainer, 2 pieces

$0.62 $0.87

This metal sink strainer is an item that seems inconsequential, but that it hard to live without. Two-piece sink strainer includes standard-size strainer that is easy to remov..

Metal food tongs

$0.59 $1.02

These high-quality tongs feature nylon handles and are useful for tossing salad serving pasta and a number of other kitchen uses. These tongs measure 9 3/4" long...

Ice tongs

$0.59 $1.02

These short ice tongs are ideal for an ice bucket or for use in the freezer. These have a plastic handle for a sturdy grip and a scalloped edge for a good ice grip. Overall le..

Metal cocktail strainer

$0.59 $1.02

Make sure that only the liquid and none of the ice and other ingredients make it into your cocktail with this handy strainer. Measures 6" inches long from end to end and the h..

Multi-colored drink stirrers, pack of 200

$0.58 $1.00

These drink stirrers are ideal for coffee, mixed drinks and other drinks that might need a good stir. Each straw is striped white and with a color, including yellow, red, gree..

Cocktail stirrer

$0.65 $0.92

This long-handled cocktail stirrer will make light work of mixing just about any cocktail. Metal silver stirrer measures 9 3/4" in overall length...

Double cocktail jigger

$0.63 $0.89

Make drinks like the bartenders and professionals do with this double cocktail jigger. Measures 2 1/2" inches by 1 1/4" in diameter...

Large pack of straws, 120 count

$0.74 $1.10

Add a straw to any drink with these multi-colored straws. They have a flexible top, so straws can be bent to any position. Great for summer drinks, for someone who's sick in b..

Cake decorating set, 8 pieces

$0.58 $1.00

This set includes all the items necessary to decorate a cake in style. Includes two bags and six decorator tips...

Whisk with wood handle

$0.55 $0.95

Every kitchen can benefit from a number of whisks and this balloon whisk is a useful addition to the collection. Featuring a lightweight metal construction, this whisk also ha..

Oversized rubber spatula

$0.65 $0.92

Bakers know that rubber spatulas are essential to a good kitchen inventory. This spatula is larger than most, ensuring that every yummy bit comes out of the bowl and gets into..

Egg slicer

$0.49 $0.71

With this handy tool, you'll get perfect slices of egg every time. Simply place the egg into the plastic cradle and push down the slicer. Each slice of egg is perfectly sized ..

Measuring spoon and cup set, 11 pieces

$0.59 $1.02

The key to success in the kitchen is plenty of basic items, such as measuring cups and spoons. Add this fulsome set for ensured kitchen success. Measuring cup set includes 1/8..

Measuring spoon set

$0.59 $1.02

Measuring spoons can be used for baking, cooking and for crafting purposes. This set makes an ideal set for the office, home or RV kitchen or would be a good starter set for a..

Super spatula

$0.59 $1.02

Spatulas are an essential tool for getting all the goodies out of a bowl when baking or cooking. While they are ideal for baking, spatulas can also be used in cooking eggs and..

Oven thermometer

$0.69 $0.97

Stand-alone oven thermometers are a great way to make sure that the oven is heating to the right temperature. Especially for baking needs, it's essential that the oven is heat..

Cupcake liners, assorted

$0.55 $0.95

Cupcakes are all the rage and can cost a mint at cupcake stores. But cupcakes can be made and decorated easily at home with the same yummy result. Use these handy and decorati..

Bag clips, two sizes, pack of 16

$0.65 $0.92

Every household should have plenty of bag clips on hand. They ensure that food doesn't go to waste and keep opened bags tidier in the pantry. These pastel-colored snap clips c..

Nylon spaghetti server, slotted with stainless handle

$0.59 $1.02

Cooked spaghetti can get the best of any cook, so using the right tool in order to scoop it up is the answer to less frustration. Using this spoon ensures that all the spaghet..

Nylon mixing spoon

$0.60 $0.85

This spoon is ideal for mixing baked goods and for cooking purposes. Nylon spoon ensures that spoon is safe in the heat and stainless handle provides durability. Overall lengt..

S/s slotted turner

$0.57 $0.98

S/s slotted turner..

Bamboo skewers for barbecue or food, pack of 100

$0.55 $0.95

Bamboo skewers are great for making kabobs on the grill or in the oven. They are also ideal as skewers for other foods like fruits, vegetables and cheese cubes. Can be used at..

Nut crackers, 3 pieces

$0.60 $0.85

Stop fighting with nuts in the shell; get a nutcracker instead so nuts will come out of their shell easier. Three pieces include the cracker and two tools for pulling the nuts..

Potato Peeler with Grippers

$0.55 $0.95

Peeling potatoes is not always the most coveted job in the house, but a good peeler can make an unpleasant job much easier. This peeler features a strong grip and a sharp blad..

Universal coffee filter

$0.55 $0.95

Coffee drinkers will never be without a coffee filter again when they keep this handy universal filter on hand. Featuring a plastic and fine mesh design, this filter measures ..

Cheese grater with box

$0.65 $0.92

Graters are great tools for slicing and grating cheese and grating and slicing some vegetables. Those that include a storage box are even more useful. This grater includes a c..

Ice cream scoop with trigger release

$0.62 $0.87

Many people would argue that a house isn't a home unless there's an ice cream scoop available. This scoop features a long handle and trigger release. Can be used for ice cream..

Coffee measuring scoop

$0.69 $0.97

Get the perfect pot of coffee every time when using this stainless steel coffee scoop. Measures a perfect 1 tablespoon; you can easily create a consistent pot of coffee each t..

Soup ladle

$0.59 $1.02

Kitchens can't have too many kitchen tools, as most serve a useful purpose. A good soup ladle is an indispensable tool. This nylon ladle includes a faux stainless handle accen..

Nylon Serving Spoon with Wood Handle

$0.62 $0.87

This nice-looking serving spoon will add not just a usefulness to the kitchen, but will do it with nice-looking style. Wood handle adds an elegance, while the nylon spoon is d..

Can and bottle opener

$0.65 $0.92

Even small tools can be multifunctional tools. This can opener proves that. Butterfly can opener makes getting the lids off cans easy, while the prong end makes opening a beve..

Rotary can opener, plastic

$0.75 $1.12

This easy to use can opener features metal and plastic construction. Simply crank the back to get a can opened. Overall length is 6 1/2"...

Rotary can opener

$0.69 $0.97

Rotary can opener..

Paper Lace Doilies Display

$0.55 $0.95

Great for decorating, party decor and craft projects, these Paper Lace Doilies feature assorted delicate designs in different sizes to provide many choices and uses. Assortmen..

Kitchen Utensil Assortment 108 Per Floor Display

$0.69 $0.97

A 108 piece floor display containing kitchen utensils. Six assorted utensils per display...

Asst wood ktchn tools pdq

$0.69 $0.97

A cardboard display box with an assortment of 6 different wood kitchen utensils. Durable, natural, hardwood that are perfect for non stick surfaces. The assortment includes a ..

Single row ice cube tray

$0.71 $1.06

Single row ice cube tray..

Large plastic bowl

$0.94 $1.27

This colorful bowl is ideal for serving any number of food items at an outdoor event. Background features fruits, making this an ideal bowl for a fruit salad, though the bowl ..

Citrus Squeezer

$0.55 $0.95

Perfect for making lime, orange or lemon juice, this Citrus Squeezer is a must-have! Quick and easy to use, it helps reduce seeds and pulp. Comes in assorted colors. Measures ..

Mini Water Bottle Set

$0.79 $1.18

Great for drinks on the go, this 2-piece Mini Water Bottle Set features 9-ounce contoured bottles with sports tops. Bottles are clear with pink and blue lids. Approximate meas..

Decorative serving trays

$0.65 $0.92

These decorative serving trays add a touch of style to your parties and get-togethers. Would make a great centerpiece and snack tray. Comes in a variety of patterns: flowers, ..

15" rectngl tray w/handls

$0.69 $0.97

Plastic rectangular serving tray with handles that comes in 4 different patterns. See GC711 for pattern assortment. Tray measures 15 3/8" x 6 1/2" x 3/4". Has a UPC code label..

67 oz. Plastic Old-Fashioned Popcorn Container

$1.09 $1.63

Perfect for movie night or movie-themed parties, this Popcorn Container features a classic, old-fashioned look with red and white stripes, a marquee that says POPCORN and popc..

Jumbo magnetic clips

$0.65 $0.92

This pair of magnetic clips are great for keeping bagged foods fresh or for holding notes and recipes. Clips can attach to any steel surface. They come in transparent blue and..

Football shaped serving tray

$0.90 $1.22

Plastic football trays are large enough to hold pretzels, chips, popcorn, cookies, cupcakes and more. Great for football parties, sports themed parties and makes an eye-catchi..

Individual Serving Popcorn Boxes

$0.83 $1.46

Create an extra fun movie night or snack session with this 5-piece Individual Serving Popcorn Boxes Set. Each of the boxes can be formed easily, making for a box that holds 3-..

Plastic Beverage Mug

$0.79 $1.18

This plastic beverage mug has a fun classic design. Great for cold beverages and treats like root beer floats. Mug has a large handle for easy grip. Made with durable transpar..

Inspirational magnets

$0.65 $0.92

Metal magnet shaped like a pond stone with inspirational sayings. The sayings are Balance, Believe, Destiny, Dream, Faith, Friendship, Laugh, and Love. Measures approximately ..

Mixing bowl set

$0.69 $0.97

This 3 pack of plastic mixing bowls is ideal for baking, cooking or separating. The edges of the bowls have a curved lip for easy carrying. They come in a variety of colors wh..

Lace Table Doilies

$0.61 $0.86

Accent any table in your home with this 2-piece Lace Table Doilies Set featuring 14" round lace table doilies with a beautiful lace pattern around the edges of pears and apple..

6 Cup storage container

$0.90 $1.22

This 6 cup storage container is made of durable plastic and has a unique modern design. It has an easy to close lid which seals in freshness. It is 6 1/2" across and 4 3/4" ta..

Colored bowl

$0.69 $0.97

These bowls come in fun and vibrant colors. They are perfect for serving appetizers or small servings. Colors include orange, blue, green, purple, pink and clear. Items are pa..

1.6 liter serving pitcher

$0.85 $1.49

This serving pitcher is perfect for lemonade, fruit drinks or iced tea. It's tall design adds style to any kitchen. Has a matching lid that slides from side to side for easy p..

Serving pitcher with lid

$1.10 $1.64

This plastic serving pitcher holds 2.2 liters of liquid. It's compact size fits easily into refrigerators. Perfect for lemonade or other mixed drinks. Lid twists for easy pour..

Can Cooler Slip Cover

$0.59 $1.02

This can cooler slip cover helps keep your drinks cold and refreshing. They are comfortable to the touch and lightweight. Comes in assorted colors: blue, pink, yellow and gree..

White Round Lace Table Doily Set

$0.79 $1.18

Ideal for protecting and beautifying tabletops, this 3-piece White Round Lace Table Doily Set is useful in a number of settings, washable and features a pretty scalloped edge...

Lace table runner

$0.69 $0.97

This ivory lace runner is ideal for desks or coffee tables. Table runner is made of 100% polyester and is machine washable. Comes packaged on header card. Measures 16" x 30"...

Round lace table doily

$0.65 $0.92

This round, lace-like, doily is white on one side and ivory on the other. It has a butterfly in the center as well as around the border. 100% Polyester so machine wash warm an..

101 oz. Large Popcorn Bowl

$1.09 $1.63

Perfect for movie or poker nights, family get togethers and parties, this Large Popcorn Bowl features a durable plastic bowl with red and white stripes, the word "POPCORN" and..

Vegas card design tumbler

$0.59 $1.02

This plastic tumbler comes in a poker design which is perfect for game nights or Las Vegas themed parties. Tumbler is clear with hearts, diamonds, clovers and spades all the w..

Large colorful plastic platter

$0.94 $1.27

Ideal for outdoor dining, this large platter is a colorful background for a number of yummy picnic foods...

Salsa Bowls

$1.09 $1.63

Perfect for parties, picnics or adding Mexican flair during dinner, this 3-piece Salsa Bowls Set features black bowls made of durable plastic with four legs for balance. Each ..

Heat-Diffusing Metal Simmer Ring

$1.55 $2.87

Help prevent burning and scorching with this useful Heat-Diffusing Metal Simmer Ring featuring a perforated metal ring with a wooden handle and a nylon hanging loop. Simply pl..

Drain Stoppers Set

$0.85 $1.49

A bathroom essential, this 2-piece Drain Stoppers Set comes with two different size stoppers that fit most drains. Made with durable rubber with a pull chain for easy removal...

Mesh Strainer

$0.95 $1.28

Ideal for rinsing fruits and vegetables or straining sauces, this Mesh Strainer features a long handle and two pegs for balance on bowls or pots. Opening measures approximatel..

Round rubber sink mat

$0.59 $1.02

This round rubber sink mat with drain holes is a kitchen essential! Helps protect glass items from being broken or cracked when dropped in sink. Also helps protect sinks from ..

Square Rubber Sink Mat

$0.75 $1.12

Help protect glass from breaking due to accidental drops and prevent scratches to sinks with this Square Rubber Sink Mat featuring a durable textured mat with holes to allow w..

Round hot pad

$0.65 $0.92

It's easy to add a few extra hot pads to the kitchen drawer when they come affordably like this pad. Made of straw, this simple hot pad is ideal for hot pots and casserole dis..

Deluxe bottle opener

$0.69 $0.97

This opener can be used on both bottle caps and twist-off caps. Comes in blue with silver tip. Opener is packaged in a blister pack with hanging hole. Measures 5 3/4" long...

Can & Bottle Opener

$0.61 $0.86

Ideal for opening soft drinks and beer bottles as well as any bottle with a snap-off lid, this Can & Bottle Opener is useful in the kitchen drawer or on the refrigerator (with..

Large measuring cup

$0.75 $1.12

This measuring cup is perfect for baking and cooking. Also has ounces and milliliters printed on the side. Each cup is made from high quality plastic. Item is packaged loose w..

Pastry brush set

$0.75 $1.12

This pastry brush set will come in handy for a variety of cooking tasks. Ideal for brushing on glazes, marinades and other sauces, these brushes feature durable plastic handle..

Plastic tumblers (set of 4)

$0.69 $0.97

Ideal for a variety of uses, these plastic tumblers are offered in a cheerful green. Each holds 10 ounces and cups stack together for easy storage...

Plastic cutlery holder

$0.69 $0.97

Compact cutlery holder features four sections for a variety of flatware items. Ideal for storage or for drying cutlery, this plastic holder includes a vented bottom to assist ..

Ketchup & Mustard Dispenser Set

$0.95 $1.28

Great for your picnic or outdoor barbecue, this 2-piece Ketchup & Mustard Dispenser Set will make it easy to find the condiments. The red bottle dispenses the ketchup while th..

Steak knives

$0.60 $0.85

Stainless steel steak knives have ergonomic plastic handles for comfort. This 2 piece set is ideal for any kitchen. Each blade is serrated for maximum strength. Knives are pac..

Deluxe carving set

$0.65 $0.92

High quality and made with durable wood, this deluxe carving set is a kitchen essential! This 2 pack comes with a fork and serrated knife. Perfect for cutting and serving meat..

Square hot pad

$0.65 $0.92

Any cook knows that it's essential to have many hot pads or trivets in the kitchen. This attractive square hot pad is an ideal size and look for any kitchen. High quality wove..

Double egg slicer

$0.75 $1.12

The double egg slicer can easily slice dozens of eggs as well as fruits and vegetables. Can do slices or wedges. Also has a convenient hanging hook for easy storage. Comes pac..

Small Metal Strainer

$1.29 $1.65

One of the most versatile tools in the kitchen, this 6" Metal Strainer is an ideal size for many kitchen jobs. Great for washing vegetables and fruits, this strainer can also ..

Mesh splatter screen

$0.69 $0.97

An ideal tool for keeping the stove clean, this mesh splatter screen can be placed over pots and pans in which anything greasy is being cooked. Protects against grease as well..

Plastic Cutlery Tray

$0.77 $1.15

A kitchen essential, this Plastic Cutlery Tray features a four-section plastic tray with a mesh bottom. Fits spoons, forks, knives and more. Also great for organizing desk dra..

Paper towel holder

$0.65 $0.92

Paper towels are easily kept under control with this plastic holder. Screws are included for a permanent mount on walls or cabinets. Comes in solid white. Holder is packaged i..

Freestanding Paper Towel Holder

$0.99 $1.34

Perfect for dispensing paper towels, this attractive metal Paper Towel Holder is freestanding and has supports on two sides for holding a standard paper towel roll. Its simple..

Miniature Storage Containers

$0.79 $1.18

Ideal for keeping small items like screws, nails, spices, hair bands and other items in place, these durable plastic storage containers are small but mighty. You'll find many ..

Tinplate cookie sheet

$0.79 $1.18

Sturdy tinplate cookie sheet is a high quality baking essential. The sheet is 12 1/8" x 8 1/4" edge to edge and is 5/8" deep. Comes with a UPC code label...

Nylon spatula with wood handle

$0.62 $0.87

This is a high quality 12" nylon spatula with a wood handle. The handle has a ergonomic design and is easy to use. Comes packaged with a hang tag...

Hot pad and oven glove set

$0.65 $0.92

The happy print on these items is sure to bring a smile to any cook's face. Set includes an oven glove and a square hot pad. Comes in an assortment of colors and prints. One s..

Non-stick range drip pan

$0.49 $0.71

Small range drip pan fits electric ranges requiring notched pans for hinged elements. Non-stick coated on both sides for ease of cleaning. Dishwasher safe but hand washing rec..

Toothpicks with holder

$0.69 $0.97

A clear, round, plastic holder with round toothpicks and a box of refill toothpicks. 2400 Count in all. The birch wood toothpicks are 2 1/2", each end pointed. The set comes s..

All-in-One Measuring Set

$1.09 $1.63

Perfect for all your measuring needs, this 8-piece All-in-One Measuring Set comes with 6 measuring spoons contained inside a measuring pitcher with a lid. The lid also serves ..

Lemon Squeezer

$1.19 $1.78

A kitchen essential, this convenient Lemon Squeezer juices lemons with ease and works great on other citrus fruits as well. Squeezer is made with durable plastic with an inner..

Plastic Coated Wire Sink Rack

$1.05 $1.57

Protect your sink's surface by keeping dishes raised with this white plastic coated wire sink rack. Measures approximately 12 1/2" x 10 1/2" x 5/8" with a drain opening that i..

Diamond Ice Cube Tray Set

$0.79 $1.18

Give ice a diamond-style shape with this 2-piece Ice Cube Tray Set featuring a faceted mold made with durable plastic. Each tray has three rows for a total of twenty-one ice c..

Flatware set

$0.65 $0.92

A soup spoon, a butter knife, a fork and a small spoon are included in this 4 piece set. Fashioned from durable plastic and high-quality metal, this set is dishwasher safe and..

Stainless steel strainer

$0.69 $0.97

A cook can never have too many strainers in the kitchen and this strainer is an ideal compliment to any kitchen job. This strainer can be used for rinsing berries, sifting dry..

Flexible Straws with Dispenser Box

$0.69 $0.97

Value for the dollar is high here. This set includes 150 flexible head straws with a reusable dispenser box. Ideal for the kitchen or office, this box stands on its own so dri..

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